Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Entry Two

It started one evening after a concert tour with their unbelievable third album, the one that made them superstars, Slippery When Wet.

I was only 21 then, but I was in the audience during one of their performances when I seemed to catch Richie’s eye.

He was tall and lean and I was mesmerized by the way he played the guitar. The faces he made when playing resembled faces during unbridled passion and I found myself drawn to the man who made such music.

I noticed the lead singer, of course.

I would’ve had to be blind and deaf not to, but it was the dark haired man, the one with the long fingers and soulful sway as he moved, who first caught my eye.

Towards the end of the show a man in a security uniform came up to me and whispered in my ear.

“Richie wants you to come back stage after the show.”

He slipped me a pass that I carefully put into my front pocket.

It seemed to burn with a heat that traveled straight to my pussy as I waited for the concert to end.

Fate was on my side as I had come to the show by myself that night.

The venue cleared out and I managed to make myself one of the last without drawing undue attention.

This would become my pattern.

Disappearing from the end of the people leaving the concert, I moved toward where the security guard had seemed to indicate earlier.

The same man was there. He nodded at me and motioned for me to enter the back stage area.

There were several people around, but instead of doing the tourist bit, I acted like I had been there a hundred times before and because of this was almost not noticed.

I’ve always been a quick learner.

Allowing the security guard to get enough ahead of me so that he appeared to be walking alone, he finally pointed at a door and nodding at me he walked off.

I opened the door and walked into a room that was clearly a dressing room.

Moving to a bar set up, I poured myself a strong drink and began slowly walking around, treating myself to touch and scents, trying to determine which was his.

The time seemed to go slowly and finishing that drink, I helped myself to another.

A warm glow started inside, but I wasn’t sure if it was the drinks or the man I was waiting for.

I heard laughter from the hallway outside and then the door opened.

The dark haired man, Richie, came in then.

He was still sweaty and tousled from being on stage and the musk of clean sweat seemed as intoxicating as my drink.

“Hey little girl, glad you came back.”

His voice was deep and there seemed to be a bit of a drawl there that didn’t match his origins in New Jersey.

“If you think I’m a little girl, why did you invite me back here?” I asked, while admitting to myself that at 5’2” next to this 6 foot man I just might appear little.

“I saw you watching and I was watching you.”

He fixed himself a drink then and moved to the couch.

I stayed where I was, seeing him half sprawl on the soft leather.

“Mind if I have another?” I asked as I moved to the bar, not waiting for his answer.

“I’d say help yourself, but you already seem to be doing that.” He grinned at me, a lazy, slow, sexy grin that I had seen when he was performing.

“Oh yeah, that’s my biggest flaw, I always take what I want and never accept no for an answer.” My grin matched his as I watched the rise of his eyebrows and the grin widen into an amused smile.

A knock on the door interrupted whatever he was about to say as the long-haired lead singer came into the room.

“Hey Rich…” He started, but stopped when he saw me. “Oh, sorry, man, didn’t know you were busy.”

“He’s not busy…Jon, isn’t it?” I answered back.

Cocking his head at me, he replied. “Yeah, it’s Jon. And you are?” He let his voice trail off as he asked.

“Jessica…and no, it’s not Jessie or Jess, it’s Jessica.”

Raising an eyebrow at me, Jon then threw a look in Richie’s direction. He started laughing then.

“You might have bitten off more than you can chew this time, bro’.” Richie also started chuckling, but then almost choked on his drink as I answered Jon’s statement.

“He hasn’t bitten anything…yet.”

My voice purred as the sheer testosterone coming from both these men caused heat to spread like fire through my body.

I looked at them both then, one light and one dark, and the fire turned into an inferno.

“Besides, if anybody’s gonna bite something, it’s gonna be me.”

They stared at me then and I could actually see two minds working and two pants tightening.

I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen from my bag, writing down my address and phone number.

Neither man said a word as they watched me.

“I’ll be at this address, naked, in one hour.” I handed it to Richie, looked at him and then Jon.

“Come alone…or bring a friend…your choice.”

Finishing my drink with one large swallow, I glanced at the erect shafts of the two men, neither hidden by their tight pants.

“Bye boys.”

I left the room then, knowing I would soon have company.


foxli said...

What a first impression, Jessica. You go Girl! More.......

Judith said...

hahaha, great! I can see them both speechless and gaping :)
awesome writing! Bring on more please!

The Goddess Hathor said...

Love Jessica as a FMC...she's strong and secure and smart. Great combination. I love, too, the way she made her exit. Very nice.

~ hATH

rutpop said...

I love how she's turned the tables and is now calling the shots instead of fawning over the RockStars. Keep it coming.

Bayaderra said...

Sun, my jaw is still on the floor! LOL! Loving this story! MORE!!!

jerseygirl said...

I think I'm still speechless, I am totally loving her! More please!!

Kris said...

She's great...I think the guys need a few minutes to figure out what just star stuck girl, but a very smart woman!