Thursday, February 12, 2009

Entry Three

I was home in less than ten minutes, barely remembering the drive as my mind was filled with images.

Seeing those two men.

Remembering the smells of their sweat as they came into the small room.

My own arousal had me reaching for one of my toys.

But then I stopped…prolonging the sweet sensation.

Knowing better toys were on the way.

A quick shower to rinse off the concert stink, some perfume, nothing too strong.

I lit candles throughout the house.

Checked the bottles at the bar.

Plenty of tequila and Jack.

My favorites.

The button-down silk shirt I had thrown on after my shower clung softly to my skin, caressing me as I moved around, setting the scene.

Pouring myself a glass of the liquid gold tequila, I closed my eyes.


Early on I had found out I was a highly sexual woman.

I like men.

The hair under their arms.

Their asses in tight jeans.

Their smell.

Their lust.

Their sweat.

Their cocks.

You name it, I like it.

During high school, I was the girl who never slept with anybody.

Or so they thought.

I just didn’t like boys.

I like men.

No bland, boring, five minute fuck for me.

I learned I liked to walk the edge of the abyss.

If I was right about these two, I was about to plunge over.

And I wanted…


To see what was on the other side.

I knew Richie would be there, the only question was whether he would bring Jon with him.


I had watched him closely as he played, lost in the music, thrusting himself into the guitar he held.

Pure sin walking.

And Jon.

He oozed sex like the beads of sweat on his skin.

My body tingled again.


Almost to the hour after I had left the backstage area, my doorbell rang.

I finished my drink and walked slowly to the door.

Two shadows waited.

Opening the door and cocking a leg, I leaned against the frame.

They stood on my doorstep, one light, one dark.

My body now recognized what my eyes saw.

They were here.




“Hello boys.”

I pointed out the bar, telling them to help themselves.

Both men moved almost with identical motions and fixed themselves a drink.

Watching them, I could feel the heat that had been present in that back stage room return.

Deciding from the beginning I would take control, I made myself another drink, making sure to bend so they could see the shirt ride up to the very bottom of my naked ass.

Glancing at them sideways, I could see they both stopped with their drinks halfway to their mouths, watching me.

Alcohol and a true sexual wildness possessed me then as I turned to face them. Looking at one pair of deep brown and one pair of intense blue eyes, I spoke.

“I have two rules.”

I met their eyes, which had widened at these words.

“The first is that if something really hurts me, you stop, immediately.”

Both quickly nodded their heads in agreement.


“The second is you both have to fuck me.”

Eyes widened at me.

I waited.

They glanced at each other then, words seeming to fly unspoken between them, and then they turned to me.

“You mean you want us both at the same time?” Richie asked.

“Same time, different times, doesn’t matter, you just both have to fuck me.”

A smile broke across Jon’s face then and for the first time I realized how beautiful a man he was.

I had never seen a “pretty” man before.

Not one this masculine.

Something low inside me tightened at that smile.

And I knew by that smile that he at least would not object to my conditions.

“You’re sure a little thing like you can take the both of us on?” Jon asked, his smiling widening.

“Your friend said the same thing, Jon. The question is, can you both satisfy me?”

I threw that challenge out, somehow knowing that with these two neither could resist.

There was silence.

It was broken by the sound of Richie’s glass hitting the bar.

He stalked over towards me.

There was no other word for how he approached.

Those long legs ate up the floor and he never paused.

Not when he told Jon to bring the bottle.

Not even when he threw me over his shoulder.


jerseygirl said...

That's where you stop?! No fair, more, please, now.

Judith said...

This is freakin awesome! And unbelieveble hot! More!!!!!!

Bayaderra said...

Uhmmm, do you expect me to concentrate at work today????? Darn, I need another shower...a much colder one!

Kris said...

How can you stop?? More..please...

Queenie said...

The question is, can you both satisfy me?” Can I just say, I LOVE Jessica... that was a great line.

Oh man, this is gonna be good. ;)

The Goddess Hathor said...

Yeah, that was a great line. I like the way this is written; not a whole lot of scene setting -- you get the point across in just a few sentences. Building that anticipation... the guys' reactions... just wonderful writing, Sun!

~ Hath

Shelly said...

My favorite lines so far...

It was broken by the sound of Richie’s glass hitting the bar.

He stalked over towards me.

There was no other word for how he approached.

Those long legs ate up the floor and he never paused.

I love it...I can sooo picture Richie...Jon and the Hotel room....Cannot wait to see Entry four.

Sun this is brilliant.

And Richie is definitely pure sin walking!