Saturday, January 9, 2010

Entry Ten

I watched Jon’s face as I worked my way down his trail of belly hair.

I saw the moments when his eyes flared and when they narrowed.

Saw when he sucked in a breath and when he held it.

Saw his throat work to swallow through sudden dryness.

Felt his body tense when I bit him, when my teeth grazed his skin.

I like to bite.

So this was good.

I knew how much he liked it when I reached the end of that line of hair.

Full and thick and bobbing with desire, I gave it a single lick and a moan escaped his throat.

I used my teeth and tongue to explore.


The inside of his thighs.

Behind his knees.

The soft warm hair just above the shaft.

I made soft nuzzling noises even as I teased him with my teeth.

A little harder here, a little softer there.

Never quite touching what he wanted me to.

Until I was ready to.

Until that look … that one he had shown he had inside him … took over his face.

Narrowing his eyes and setting his jaw.

Now I was ready.

A hand on my breast brought my eyes open to see what Richie was handing me.

My lips drew together as I nodded at him and smiled.

Then looked at the man lying there, waiting for me.

There was a welcome tension in his body as I rolled the condom to the base of his shaft.

He was ready.

I was ready.

I shifted until he was directly underneath me as his hands moved to my waist.

Reaching down, I moved the end of him against my wetness, teasing myself and him just a few moments more.

Perhaps I took too long.

Jon thrust his hips up and suddenly I was filled.

He rocked me against him, his eyes never leaving mine.

My hands splayed against his belly, my fingers full of the hair there.

Richie’s hand kept stealing in to tweak my nipple, each time jolting me with the electricity of his touch.

I felt a quivering deep inside, a warming slowly growing.

My eyes closed as sensation built, feeling the hands on my waist, the soft touch at a breast.

My knees lifted me and I fell.

Again and again.

Hard slaps of skin against skin.

Heat against heat.

Then I heard Jon’s voice.

“That’s it, baby … let it go … Jessica … let it go …”

It was that growl he gets in his voice, when he’s fucking, when he’s getting close.

And that’s what did it.

I was hoarse after my final scream.

It didn’t stop.

He didn’t stop.

I rode him, he rode me.

We rode each other.

And then his fingers bruised me.

Slamming me down.

One more raise and then down again.

Sex words poured from his throat.

Near animal sounds from mine.

I slumped over him.

My head against his chest.

Learning how to breathe again.

Wondering if I cared.

Richie’s hand played soothingly along my spine.

Jon’s hands held me tight against him.

He kissed me softly. Lingeringly.

I slipped off in-between the two of them.

Jon turned away for a moment then pulled me in close to him.

I wrapped my arms around him, snuggling my face in closer.

I felt Richie turn and then his body was curled around my back.

They were warm.

We were sated.

We slept.


Shelly said...


That was fantastic!!!

Is there anymore?

*fanning face*

So happy this story is back

Anonymous said...

no way I will read that at work....

Anonymous said...


I just caught up again since you stopped writing!

I never thought it would be a great idea to shovel snow today, but right now it´s probably the only thing that would cool me down....and melt the ice outside *THUD*

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, wow. Keep em coming!!!!! I think I need to go and get hubby and close my eyes right now!!!!!!


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