Thursday, January 7, 2010

Entry Nine

I backed away from Jon, teasing, prolonging.

It might have been a mistake.

The strong arms that went around me from behind stopped my movement.

I was caught.

I tried to wiggle away, but the arms just tightened, one hand now clasping a breast in an almost painful grip.

Sheer perversity, a wanting to keep control, made me close my legs, the knees tightly together.

What a waste of effort.

Jon knelt on the bed at my feet.

Richie’s arms tightened further around me, holding me there.

Twisting and turning did nothing.

My feet were grabbed, my legs straightened out.

Then pulled apart.

I panted with the effort of keeping control.

I should have saved those breaths.

Jon put a knee on the bed and then the other, never letting my legs go.

His eyes caught mine.

I couldn’t look away.

I watched him get closer and then still closer.

My mouth opened to tell him ‘no’, tell him not to…

Ohhh … sweet god …

Too late.

My head snapped back and my eyes closed.

I found myself rising to meet that inquisitive mouth.

Low sounds came from my throat.

I had to see.

Lifting my head, I opened my eyes at the same moment Jon’s eyes rose to mine.

Those blue eyes.

That hair.

Those hands tight on my thighs.

The other one’s breath on my neck.

Those long fingers on my breasts.

A single … perfect … flick of tongue.

My orgasm rolled through me

Rolled over me.

Tearing strange sounds from my throat.

Each more hoarse than the next.

He never stopped.

They never let go.

I forgot how to breath.

How to think.

I could only feel.

Softly stroking hands brought me out, brought me back.

I blinked at Jon stupidly.

He gave me that damn sexy smirky smile.

I hated him.

Just for that moment.

Jon stood, swigging back his shot of Jack and then glanced over my shoulder.

I felt Richie nod behind me.

My eyes squinted in confusion as Jon walked around the bed and Richie …

… stood in front of me …

… condom on …

Understanding hit and I tried to sit up, my muscles still slack and weak.

I was too slow.

Richie raised my legs and … ohhh

He entered me, slowly, an inch at a time, as Jon positioned my head on his belly.

The waves from the first orgasm hadn’t even stopped and it was those waves Richie built on.

Long, slow strokes.

Those fingers gripping me, raising me up to meet him.

Faster now.

Like my breath.

Like Jon’s stroking hand on himself below where my head lay on his stomach.

I started to turn my head to watch him.

But apparently Richie doesn’t like being ignored.

He stopped being gentle.

That length hit me fully, deeply.

That switched flipped and I just blazed.

Richie hissed as my walls tightened around him.

Increasing each thrust until with one last “FUCK!” out of his throat he poured out his release.

We came together, grinding against the other, desperate to get closer.

I’m not really sure where I went when my orgasm ripped through me.

It’s a bit of a blank afterwards.

A warm wet washcloth brought me back from wherever I had been.

Richie had cleaned up and was now tenderly bathing me.

I blinked over and over, slowly becoming aware of where I was.

My head still lay on Jon’s belly and I could feel the thick fur there when my cheek was turned.

I met his eyes.

Felt his chest rumble.

“So, how’re we doin’ so far…okay?”

“Hmmm…” I breathed out in a sigh.

“Almost perfect…”

I tried to nestle my head back against his dick, but it was too hard, too firm.

I rubbed my head against it anyway, tangling it up in my hair.

“What’s this? Is this for me?”

Crinkling eyes met mine as he smiled, his stomach rising and falling with a deep breath.

“Yeah, that’s for you.”

“Oh goody…” My teeth caught my lower lip.

He made a face at me.

Yeah, that duck lip face.

Then those lips turned into a luscious thick-lipped curl as I rose up over him.

I climbed on top of those hips, nestling his sex against mine.

My hands took on a life of their own.

I touched every hair on that body, every piece of skin underneath it.

Jon watched me as I ran my hands over him.

Little appreciative noises escaping my throat from time to time.

I licked the line of his throat, up to the cleft of his chin.

My tongue scraped along the whiskers there.

I rubbed my lips against his.

No man should have lips this irresistible.

These lips were the reason women sinned, just to have that one taste.

The roughness of the hairs on his face caused my lips to tingle and I felt them swell.

Both from the friction and from desire.

I felt him shifting between my legs, pressing himself against me.

Seeking entry.

Not yet.

Richie stretched out beside Jon on the bed.

I could feel his hand on my hair, running down my back, while I kissed Jon.

He was sated for now, content just to watch.

To touch.

Jon’s body called to me.

His skin against mine felt fused, as if something more than sex had been shared.

My lips burned from his kisses, his tongue against mine, his teeth softly biting.

I shifted down, trailing kisses on that chest, those nipples, as I went.

Using my teeth and tongue on the muscles under that skin.

Nipping and sucking.

Licking and tasting.

Working my way down that trail.

Biting my way down.

And I learned something.

Jon likes being bit.


Bayaderra said...

Holy shit! Are you trying to kill me C????
Wow.... I get home, turn my laptop on...and find this!!!!! Great...hub is not to a shower for me :(

Shelly said...


Kill me now!!!

I need a cigarette and I no longer smoke!