Sunday, January 24, 2010

Entry 11

I don’t know what woke me.

I lay there blinking in the darkening room, some of the candles having burned out.

There was a warm body in front of me and one behind me.

Hair was tickling my nose.

Slowly, carefully, I eased their arms off me and slid quietly down to stand at the bottom of the bed.

There was still enough light in the room to take them in.

I looked my fill.

Jon had rolled onto his back and lay there, one arm thrown over his eyes, his softened center now nestled sweetly into the thick hair there.

Still on his side, Richie’s gift was hidden from me, but not the long line of his body, one leg casually raised, a hand under the pillow.

I ached.

Lord, I ached.

It was delicious.

The water from the warm shower soothed my muscles, relaxing me as I washed.

I leaned against a wall, just letting the water flow over my skin.

I didn’t hear the door.

I did know the man.

“Richie…” I breathed his name as his arms came around me and he pressed himself against my back.

“Hello, little girl.” His breath warmed my neck as he nuzzled me there, soft lips nipping at an earlobe.

I shivered as he blocked the water with his body.

His arms moved underneath my breasts as he gently stepped backwards, drawing me into the water.

I felt his erection at the small of my back and smiled to myself.

Oh, Richie…

One arm cupped my breast as his other reached for the soap.

I sighed, feeling my nipples harden in anticipation.

Strong fingers held both breasts now as the softly scented soap lathered as he stroked and cupped and pulled and mounded my breasts together, feeling them swell in his hands.

Such large hands.

Such strong fingers.


Thoughts fled and I just felt.

His hands slid up from my chest and over my shoulders, slowly traveling to the small of my back where they dug in, pulling small moans from my throat.

I braced my hands against the shower wall as his fingers moved in circles, wider and wider until they encircled my hips and waist.

He pulled me against him, grinding his length into me and I felt a gush of warmth flood me as my body readied itself.


He turned me in his arms and I had to arch my neck to reach his lips.

Tilting his head to mine, I tasted the sweet warmth of his mouth.

His tongue met mine and played with it until I felt a whimper rise in my throat.

This man made me crazy with need.

Made me want him with every move of his hands, every lick of his tongue, the heat of his shaft pressing against my belly.

I pressed against him, my hands exploring his back and then sliding down over the firmness of his ass.

“You feel good, little girl…” he breathed against my lips.

“Mmmmm … you too … boy …”

I could feel his lips curl into a smile.

He liked playing this game.

I know I did.

The water beat down over us, spraying liquid heat onto the fire of skin.

I felt his urgency rise and knew my body was responding.

I wanted him.

He wanted me.


Ohhh yessss …

He made me take one step backwards until my back was pressed against the tile of the shower wall.

The soap on my back made the wall slick and when Richie grabbed my waist to lift me, I slid up easily.

He angled his hips forward as I wrapped my legs around him, the length of his cock jutting upwards against the front of my pussy.

Hard … hot … h a r d …

… well … shit …

“Richie… please … please … “ My words came out as a pant, deep breaths needed just to speak.

My arms curled around his neck, as I held on, aching to have him inside again.

I could feel his chest rumble as he laughed deep and low.

“What do you want, little one?” His teeth nibbled at my bottom lip and I could tell he was smiling as he did so.

Now I hated him.

He knew what I wanted.

I narrowed my eyes and surprised us both with the growl that came out of my throat.

“You … inside … now … dammit!”

He laughed again as one hand slid to my sweet spot.

“Such an impatient little girl …” His chest rumbled with barely suppressed laughter.

I growled again.

“I told you, I always get what I want.”

“Shhhh…” He whispered the sound against my lips as one hand traveled to touch where I quivered most.

Sweet circles at first as I pressed harder against him, eager to have that length fill me again.

Then he stroked harder and I whimpered as heat rose.

My legs started to shake and I felt myself slipping.

He let me slide to the ground, his hands rising to cup my breasts.

I leaned into those warm hands, the fingers playing against my skin with so much talent.

Richie reached one hand outside the clear shower door and returned with a foil packet in his hand.

Oh … my … god … YES!

I watched him roll the shield down over his length, my tongue licking my lips as he reached the end. My eyes rose to his.

The steam from the hot water swirled around us and my body seemed heavy, while I felt dizzy with anticipation.

His hands returned to me and once again I was slid up the wall, as my legs wrapped around his waist.

No waiting this time.

No more teasing.

His eyes burned into mine as he slowly slid me down and over him.

Sweet god …

I was home.