Saturday, December 19, 2009

Entry Six

A flick of a tongue at my nipple brought my attention back to the man still on the bed.

“You okay, little girl?” He looked deep into my eyes as I peeked down into his.

Sliding down myself a little, I leaned into the warm darkness below me.

Kissing that soft, soft mouth seemed the only choice I could make.

He was so gorgeous and – I was learning – so kind.

He really wanted to know if I was okay.

“Oh yeah, pretty okay.” I smiled a crooked grin and he laughed.

He pulled me up onto him easily as he spoke.

“Come here, baby.”

I fit nicely on top of him, his erect cock digging into my stomach.

It was pulsing.

He kissed me hard, flexing himself upward as he did so.

I think I might have whimpered then.

Was it possible to go from one orgasm right back into throbbing need?

I ran my hands over his arms as my chin rested just between two brown male nipples.

A slight head tilt and one was within tongue reach.

I didn’t hesitate.

Flicking my tongue over the hardening point I felt a pulsing just below my breasts.

He liked it.

I turned my attention to the other sensitive tip and felt a small shudder run through him.

I liked that.

Squirming to get just a little more comfortable, I felt the end of that glorious length slide between my breasts.

I cocked an eye at Richie as he raised his hips to thrust more fully into the valley between my breasts as they lay pressed against him.

My skin felt moist with sweat and he used that, used the slickness of the flesh around him to ease his passage, thrusting more fully as his hands drew down to mound my breasts together.

I heard the door open behind me and then felt a hand in my hair, pulling my neck up which allowed Richie to see the tip of his cock thrusting out the top of my breasts.

His eyes closed for just a moment as he lost himself to the sensation.

He was sitting up even before his eyes opened as I felt myself lifted by his strong arms to a straddle over his lap.

A foil packet hit him in the chest and with a practiced motion he tore into it with his teeth.

I would have helped.

I wanted to help.

I needed to help.

But the man behind me refused to release my hair, pulling me backwards as I waited with breath quickening, knowing what was going to happen.

Richie would be inside me in a moment and I knew how that would feel.

The fullness I would experience.

Riding him as he lay beneath me.

Suddenly it was there.

And I was wrong.

What’s it like to have something that big inside you?

Delicious pain.

He must have known.

Because he went oh so slowly and yet it still burned.

Hands under my arms slowly lowered me, while the hand in my hair now strangely provided support.

I sank deeper.

He entered deeper.

And then he began to move, to urge me to ride him.

And I did.

Using my knees I raised myself up and then sank again, feeling my insides stretching to try to fit inside that which was too large, too much.

A whimper escaped my throat and I couldn’t help it.

It was just too much.

Richie’s hands settled around my waist, aiding me as I attempted to take him all in, to accept everything he had to give.

I felt a weight on the bed behind me as Jon knelt there, between Richie’s outstretched legs.

He released my hair and my neck sank forward in relief, even while I missed the control that hand had provided.

Warm fingers slid over my shoulders, moving forward until he cupped the fullness of my breasts in his hands, rolling the nipples in his fingers.

A sharp pull of the tips and my body jerked in answer, a gasp coming from my suddenly dry throat.

Oh sweet hell…

I rose again.

I couldn’t help it.

Even the sudden spurt of wetness that had come unbidden as Jon’s hands crushed my breasts, that motion it’s own sweet pain, couldn’t quite take away the sheer size of the man between my legs.

I felt Jon move closer, the warmth of his chest and stomach against my back as one of his arms encircled me around my rib cage, a hand resting beneath my breasts.

His free hand…

Dear god…

His free hand stole down my stomach to between my legs and his fingers touched my clit with softly firm strokes that threw my head back.

I was held there, nearly suspended, only my knees touching the bed.

Richie’s pulsing length was stopped almost outside me, only the tip nudging my growing wetness.

His hands were on my waist, holding me up, along with Jon’s arm under my breasts.

I lingered there for an eternity.

Suspended between pain and bliss.

And then it happened.

Something clicked into place.

Some switch I didn’t know I possessed - turned on.

Somehow they sensed it and I melted downward.

Fully taking in Richie for the first time.

And it was glorious.




I rose, their hands helping me, my own muscles slack as sensation flowed through me.

Jon’s hand never stopped.

Richie’s cock swelled.

My own moisture flowed.

Up and down.

Hands touching, stroking.


And then it happened.

I exploded from the center of my being.

My skin crawled off my body and then back on again.

I couldn’t breath.

It was almost too much and my body tried to get away, to deny the release.

But I was held onto that rigid throbbing shaft by hands around my waist.

Under my breasts.

Between my legs.

Hands that held me, even as I flew apart.

Even as I screamed.

I moved.

I couldn’t help it.

It felt so damn good.

So right.

Coming down from my own release, I felt the pulsing warmth of the man inside me.

I smiled at him. It was a slow, sated smile and I know he saw it.

And liked it.

I leaned my head back and Jon met my mouth in a wet kiss where our tongues tasted the heat of the other, the spice of arousal.

Richie’s hands on my waist tightened and suddenly I could only ride.

Up and down, in and out.


My own hands reached for his nipples and I pinched him.


And he thrust inside me.



He bucked and I held on.

Jon’s hands now firmly on my breasts.

Richie’s hands on my waist.

And … still … he … thrust …

I felt it start.

That switch again.


On and growing.

And I rode him.

Over and over.

Then those hands…with their long fingers…tightened…

“Fuck meeee….” he moaned.

So I did.


The Goddess Hathor said...

Damn good to have you back girl.... I missed this story. Loving every word...

~ Hath

Bayaderra said...

Thank G-d there is a foot of snow outside.... At least I'll cool down before I get to work....