Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Entry Seven

I fed them.

We all needed our strength.

The night was still young.

The moon was high.

The wolves weren’t at the door.

They were inside.

With me.

And they ate, huge slices of pizza, washed down with beer.

While oh so casually naked.

Have you ever seen Jon’s naked ass?

It’s better than you think.

Or Richie draped over a couch end, one leg thrown over the arm.

Try taking your eyes of that.

I could barely swallow.

The murmur of their voices stopped.

“Hey Jessie girl…” Richie started and then stopped when my eyebrow raised.

He laughed low in his throat.


“How old are you?”

That started me laughing.

“A little late to be asking that, wouldn’t you say?”

Jon’s eyes widened a bit at that.


I turned to him.

“How old are you?”

I couldn’t help the smirky smile that crossed my face.

“I’m 21 boys.”

Richie rolled his eyes.

“Again with the ‘boys’…”

That got me laughing.

“If the shoe fits…”

Jon stood up, indicating his bare feet.

“No shoes here…”

He turned around as if searching for nonexistent shoes and I gasped.

Out loud.

He glanced at me over his shoulder and saw my eyes on his ass.

He gave it a little shake.

My breath caught.

I raised my eyes to his face.

My voice was breathy and low.


He walked over to me where I sat and stood in front of me.

I think he expected me to take him in my mouth.

But I wanted something else.

I put my hands on his hips and turned him around.


That’s better…

His ass was lightly furred…how could it not be?

Rounded like a plum.

Like a peach.

I bit it.

The flesh was firm and warm in my mouth.

He jerked when he felt my teeth but didn’t pull away.

His legs seemed to spread on their own accord, just enough to balance.

My hands had a mind of their own.

So did my mouth.

I started kissing at the base of his spine, my eyes closed.

Just tasting.

Nibbling my way down to the firm globes.

Licking lightly and then blowing on the wet hairs.

Jon shivered.

Richie got up from the couch, a beer in his hand.

He walked over to my chair and stood beside me.

I looked up reluctantly.

“Stand up, little girl…”

Jon took a step forward and I stood.

Richie settled himself down into my chair.

Then his warm hands were on my waist, pulling me back down onto his lap.

He reached down, moving his dick to nestle on the outside of my warm wetness.

I rocked lightly down and back and heard a small noise from him.

His hands came up to cup my breasts, thumbs teasing nipples.

I heard his voice low in my ear.

“Go back to what you were doing…”

I didn’t need to be told twice.


Bayaderra said...

You stopped there?!?!?!?!?!?!
Suuuuuuuunnn! Come back and finish PLEASE!!!!!