Thursday, December 17, 2009

Entry Five

Both men let their heads drop back onto the pillows as they savored the aftermath of their spending.

Handing them the bottle of tequila, I worked my way off the bed and went into the bathroom, quickly cleaned the evidence of their lust off my breasts and belly.

Bringing back two warm, wet washcloths, I bathed both of their cocks, cleaning away any remaining traces of their hot warm spray.

Sitting cross-legged on the bed towards the bottom, facing the two gorgeous naked men lying against the headboard, we passed the slowly dwindling bottle of tequila between the three of us.

Eyeing them closely as I wanted to gauge their truthfulness, I asked.

“So is this the first time you’ve shared a woman?”

The quick eye flick each gave the other already gave me my answer, but I waited to see what they would say.

Jon smiled a lazy grin that somehow sent a frisson of electricity straight down to my core.

“Define share.” His voice was raspy and sent shivers with every syllable.

Seeing Richie again glance at Jon, the picture I had been painting inside my head became a little clearer.

Now I answered him, them.

“Nah, no sharing yet, but you’ve watched each other with a woman. Otherwise you wouldn’t be so comfortable sharing now.”

I made my statement with a determined nod of my head, sure of my assessment.

Richie drawled in his deep voice, the rumble of it starting my breasts tingling as a girl could come just by listening to the voices of these two men.

“We’re older than you darlin’, and we’ve been doing this a while now, so how are you so sure we haven’t shared?”

His eyes seemed a little puzzled, but much more turned on than not.

“Oh, you’ve “shared” I guess, two women – one with each of you – same room, that type of sharing, but you’ve never both been with just one woman.”

I gave them a stern, yet lingering look that started at their eyes and ended at the slowly stirring dicks.

“So, fess up.” I ordered.

Those quick eye flicks again, one man to the other.

These two were close – there was some sort of bond here – what remained to be seen was how far they would open themselves to me.

The lead singer – was he also the leader? – spoke then.

“We’ve had two girls together before…” his voice sent shivers along my spine as those blue eyes met mine.

“But like I said, right? Same room, side by side? Or two girls you passed back and forth?”

I shot each a “don’t even think about lyin’ to me look” as Richie started chuckling.

“Yeah, both, but one girl, both of us – well, darlin’ you just might be the first.”

He and Jon again shared a look, but I took offense at the “might” in that sentence and giving my most theatrical sigh, I looked at their faces, then their cocks, then their faces again.

“Well, darlin’, that remains to be seen as right now the two of you are boring the shit outta me.”

I grabbed the empty tequila bottle and left the room, swaying my ass as I walked.

Giving them a few minutes to decide whether they were gonna be pissed or challenged, I moved to grab another bottle and made my way back to the bedroom.

Slowly and silently I moved down the hallway to where I could see into the room.

I had hoped that both men would do what men do naturally when naked – lay their hands on their cocks.

They had.

Both were talking softly to the other, their hands playing with their own naked glory in an almost absent-minded way.

That one picture proved more than a thousand words that while these two might share a woman, they were not into sharing men, as their eyes never left each other’s face.

No quick dick glances.

Ooh goody!

More for me!

Slinging the unopened bottle of tequila by the neck, I stopped in the doorway and glanced at the two beauties in my bed.

Laugh all you want at my calling these men beautiful, but I know.

“So, what’s it gonna be boys?” I asked in a low silky tone that promised sex and more sex and still more sex.

At hearing my voice, both men jerked and almost guiltily started to remove their hands from their shafts.

“Don’t stop on my account…” I laughed as I entered the room.

Glancing at the dark one, whose glorious cock rose straighter and fuller as I set the bottle down and turned to them, I grinned at him.

“Does that thing come with it’s own zip code?” My voice was a drawl as my eyes took in his full length.

Startled laughter rang out from both throats, the furry one throwing his head back and laughing so genuinely that I felt myself smile along with him.

Holy shit!

What a face.

What a body.

Fucking gorgeous!

Richie gave a sensuous stroke the full length of his shaft and looked right into my eyes.

“Come here, little girl.”

I unconsciously licked my lips as the picture he presented on my bed, but I must have hesitated too long as the other one sprang up and captured my hand, forcing it behind my back.

He caught my other wrist as I reached to free the first and with both firmly in one of his strong hands, he arched my back, thrusting my chest out.

“Richie, look what I have here.” He made me arch further and a small cry of pleasure and pain escaped my lips.

“What’s that, bro’?” Richie watched as my breasts were thrust up and my back arched.

“I have a bored little girl who needs to learn some lessons about playing with the big boys.”

Jon moved his hand suddenly between my legs and thrust two fingers home so quickly I gasped at his movements.

His hand tightened on my arms as he thrust his fingers inside me again and again until my hips started rocking with the sensation and my knees felt weak.

All the while Richie continued to stroke himself and while it didn’t seem possible, he could now barely fit his own hand around the width.

I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

Moving me to the bed, I was suddenly bent over it and I felt my hands and arms taken in front of me.

I couldn’t raise up as the hands holding me from the front kept my face on the bed, while the hands behind me lifted me until I knew my every secret was exposed.

I heard a rip of foil.

That sound, a brush of furred stomach, and then a throbbing warmth were my only warning as I felt the plunge of Jon’s cock inside me.

My scream of pleasure was muffled against the bed as Richie continued to hold my hands out.

Fingers gripped my hips, bruising me, pulling me back against the stiffness that continued to shove deeper and deeper inside me.

I couldn’t stop the moans.

My hands reached, trying to grip anything I could as lights floated behind my eyes.

My ears were ringing and my toes were tingling and my goddam cunt was on fire.

Pushing back as hard as I could to increase my pleasure seemed to urge Jon on.

Hands tightened their grip on my hips and waist while other hands spread mine across the bed.

I managed to raise my head enough to see Richie watching as Jon pumped into me.

I felt him take my two hands into his large one, while his other grabbed my hair to raise my head. He looked deep into my eyes as my body strained to accommodate the position and the man behind me.

His voice was whispered sin.

“I wanna see your face…when you come…when you scream…”

Richie’s dark voice trailed off then into hoarseness as he glanced between my face and the man plunging into my throbbing wetness.

Gasping, still trying to exert control, I managed.

“Ain’t … screamin’ yet, baby, … gotta make it … worth my while…”

This was harder to say than you would think.

I was filled by the man behind me and staring into honeyed chocolate eyes.

I was pushing my limits.

Pushing theirs.

Without warning a hard stinging slap hit my ass, jerking me more upright and slamming me back against the cock inside me.

I tried to stop the gasp and sudden spurt of wetness that accompanied that slap, but I failed miserably as both men suddenly laughed.

Jon’s voice growled behind me.

“Ooh, liked that, did you?”

He laughed low and husky and then slapped me again.

I arched and he thrust again and again.

Moans were all I could manage now as those dark, dark eyes stared into mine, glancing only briefly over my back where the other was.

My head was jerked up gently to meet those eyes again and I felt myself slide over. Hands gripped me as the orgasm rode through me, but I refused to scream even as I felt sensations I had only dreamed about.

A crooked grin split Richie’s face as he saw my spasms and my refusal to give in to the results of my naked lust.

Jon continued thrusting into me as I came, his strokes a little slower but no less sure.

My body shuddered as pleasure so strong I could almost taste it flowed through me.

I felt a tightening of fingers on my waist and the stroke became longer and even deeper as Jon neared his peak.

Through gritted teeth and harshening breath, I heard him.

“Jesus…fuck…gonna come…”

“Then go, baby…let it go…” I urged him, proving my words true by tightening myself inside around him so hard that a moan filled the air.

“God dammit…god damn…”

His voice lowered even further as he picked up the pace of his strokes, his fingers digging into me now as he pulled me back to slam harder onto his thick length.

I peeked up into Richie’s face as his eyes flicked to my breasts. He grinned then and slid down until he could take one of my breasts into his mouth.

I supported my weight on my arms as he flicked the tip of one with a practiced tongue.

I quivered from head to toe.

A groan sounded in the room as a moment later the golden god at my back gave one vicious stroke and then went over the edge.

He moved back and forth inside me as he came for what seemed minutes, but it may have only seemed that way because it was so glorious.

Jon curved himself over my back after the spasms began to subside a little and breathed into my ear.

“Jessica…that was so god...damn...good…” His voice was a whisper of pure satisfaction.

“Oh yeah, Jon…really, really good…” I answered him, my own orgasm having been just as sweet.

A kiss to my cheek and then his warmth was slowly lifted off me.

“I’ll be back…” he called out as he went to clean himself.

A sigh escaped me.

I already missed him.


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I forgot that I'm not supposed to read your chapters in the morning...after shower and before work!!!! Dammmm! Welcome back Sun!

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Welcome back!

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Well shit, I forgot how insanely HOT this story is. Nice to have you back Sun!