Thursday, December 24, 2009

Entry Eight

Jon had turned to watch us.

I could see that he had liked what I was doing.

His shaft was firm and upright, bobbing lightly as he glanced at Richie’s hands on me.

I turned him around again.

I was so not done with that ass.

It was a peach.


I bit it again.

Harder this time.

He jerked but didn’t move away.

He did press himself closer against me.

I took what he offered.

Ran my tongue lightly over the firmness of that skin.

Richie’s hands flexed on my breasts.

It startled me and I bit Jon’s ass again.

Perhaps a little too hard that time.

I left teeth marks.

I wasn’t sorry.

Jon might have had enough though as I was suddenly jerked from Richie’s lap.

I landed up against that hairy chest and that firm stomach.

He ground himself into the front of me.

His hand was in my hair as he tilted the line of my throat back to taste my lips.

This kiss was bruising, barely this side of too much.

My tongue met his as he forced his way inside my mouth.

Our breaths mingled, the faint hint of beer and some unknown spice.

My arms wound around his neck as I pressed myself more fully against him.

Heat exploded behind me as Richie moved in.

I was trapped between the warmth of their bodies.

The press of both against my skin was bliss.

Both men crushed their heat, their length, into me.

Bliss became ecstasy.

Four male hands were on me.

At the same time.

Four calloused, roughened hands.

If there was an inch of skin they missed it wasn’t on me.

Turned the way I was, my hands couldn’t reach enough.

Jon was there and I could touch him.

But Richie …

I wanted Richie too.

I get what I want.

I pushed at the chest in front of me and Jon stepped back slightly.

It was enough.

I wiggled out from between the two, leaving them standing there.

Side by side.

Both pointing at me.

And not with their fingers.

I offered them my hands and they held on tight.

We moved as a threesome back to the bedroom.

Back to cool sheets and hot flesh.

I sat down on the bed but held a hand up for them to stop.

Now they were both in front of me.

Both of them.

The light and the dark.

Shadows and moon.

As before, I couldn’t resist what was Richie was offering.

He got my mouth first.

A lick, a kiss, another lick and then I slid my mouth over him.

Velvet steel.

So hard and so soft at the same time.

And so big.

Jon got my hand, my fingers running over his thickness.

My thumb teasing the underside of the tip.

He leaned into my hand.

I glanced up and saw his eyes were closed.

He liked it.

I nibbled slowly along the vein underneath Richie’s shaft.

It bobbed as my teeth traveled down to where it joined muscled skin.

The brush of it against my cheek was whisper soft.

So warm.

Richie’s hands came down to wrap themselves in my hair.

Those hands were gentle until I started to nibble on the end.

Running my tongue around the head.

Dipping it in to taste his salty sweetness.

Then those hands tightened in my hair.

Holding me against him, straining, in delicious pain.

The pressure of my mouth tightened until I could stand no more.

I pushed one hand against that hard belly and he released me.

I licked my lips and smiled, a smirk curling my upper lip.

A slight tug of my hand brought Jon’s eyes to mine.

Richie stepped aside.

… sigh …

“Hello…” I whispered, my breath the beginning of my caress.

I indulged myself first, running both hands up from that tight stomach through the hair on his chest to those brown male nipples.

He jerked slightly when I pinched him there and lightly swayed the center of himself toward me.

I gladly obliged.

Silk of another kind, another scent, another taste.




My hand came down to cup the swelling sacs below, drawing him even closer to me.

To my mouth.

To the heat that await him.

His hands drew down towards me, fisting in my hair, too excited to have the lingering, teasing touches.

Cutting my eyes to the side, I could see Richie had sprawled on my bed, one hand around his cock, stroking himself.

I moaned deep in my throat, the vibration bringing a moan from Jon as he slipped himself even deeper into my mouth.

He was close.

Too close.

I pulled back, releasing him with a loud “pop” that brought a laugh from Richie and a groan from Jon.

He stood for a few seconds, eyes closed, hands clenched at his sides, his cock nearly dancing in frustration.

Then his eyes opened and he looked at me with a mood in his eyes and a set to his jaw that made my skin scream and moisture flood me even as I began to slide away.

I was thisclose to frightened.

I loved it.


Happy Holidays!


Jovi Babe said...

Happy Holidays Sunstreak! Thanks for the chapter!

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Hi sun - keep on posting - the new year has begun we are waiting for some new stuff!!!!