Thursday, December 24, 2009

Entry Eight

Jon had turned to watch us.

I could see that he had liked what I was doing.

His shaft was firm and upright, bobbing lightly as he glanced at Richie’s hands on me.

I turned him around again.

I was so not done with that ass.

It was a peach.


I bit it again.

Harder this time.

He jerked but didn’t move away.

He did press himself closer against me.

I took what he offered.

Ran my tongue lightly over the firmness of that skin.

Richie’s hands flexed on my breasts.

It startled me and I bit Jon’s ass again.

Perhaps a little too hard that time.

I left teeth marks.

I wasn’t sorry.

Jon might have had enough though as I was suddenly jerked from Richie’s lap.

I landed up against that hairy chest and that firm stomach.

He ground himself into the front of me.

His hand was in my hair as he tilted the line of my throat back to taste my lips.

This kiss was bruising, barely this side of too much.

My tongue met his as he forced his way inside my mouth.

Our breaths mingled, the faint hint of beer and some unknown spice.

My arms wound around his neck as I pressed myself more fully against him.

Heat exploded behind me as Richie moved in.

I was trapped between the warmth of their bodies.

The press of both against my skin was bliss.

Both men crushed their heat, their length, into me.

Bliss became ecstasy.

Four male hands were on me.

At the same time.

Four calloused, roughened hands.

If there was an inch of skin they missed it wasn’t on me.

Turned the way I was, my hands couldn’t reach enough.

Jon was there and I could touch him.

But Richie …

I wanted Richie too.

I get what I want.

I pushed at the chest in front of me and Jon stepped back slightly.

It was enough.

I wiggled out from between the two, leaving them standing there.

Side by side.

Both pointing at me.

And not with their fingers.

I offered them my hands and they held on tight.

We moved as a threesome back to the bedroom.

Back to cool sheets and hot flesh.

I sat down on the bed but held a hand up for them to stop.

Now they were both in front of me.

Both of them.

The light and the dark.

Shadows and moon.

As before, I couldn’t resist what was Richie was offering.

He got my mouth first.

A lick, a kiss, another lick and then I slid my mouth over him.

Velvet steel.

So hard and so soft at the same time.

And so big.

Jon got my hand, my fingers running over his thickness.

My thumb teasing the underside of the tip.

He leaned into my hand.

I glanced up and saw his eyes were closed.

He liked it.

I nibbled slowly along the vein underneath Richie’s shaft.

It bobbed as my teeth traveled down to where it joined muscled skin.

The brush of it against my cheek was whisper soft.

So warm.

Richie’s hands came down to wrap themselves in my hair.

Those hands were gentle until I started to nibble on the end.

Running my tongue around the head.

Dipping it in to taste his salty sweetness.

Then those hands tightened in my hair.

Holding me against him, straining, in delicious pain.

The pressure of my mouth tightened until I could stand no more.

I pushed one hand against that hard belly and he released me.

I licked my lips and smiled, a smirk curling my upper lip.

A slight tug of my hand brought Jon’s eyes to mine.

Richie stepped aside.

… sigh …

“Hello…” I whispered, my breath the beginning of my caress.

I indulged myself first, running both hands up from that tight stomach through the hair on his chest to those brown male nipples.

He jerked slightly when I pinched him there and lightly swayed the center of himself toward me.

I gladly obliged.

Silk of another kind, another scent, another taste.




My hand came down to cup the swelling sacs below, drawing him even closer to me.

To my mouth.

To the heat that await him.

His hands drew down towards me, fisting in my hair, too excited to have the lingering, teasing touches.

Cutting my eyes to the side, I could see Richie had sprawled on my bed, one hand around his cock, stroking himself.

I moaned deep in my throat, the vibration bringing a moan from Jon as he slipped himself even deeper into my mouth.

He was close.

Too close.

I pulled back, releasing him with a loud “pop” that brought a laugh from Richie and a groan from Jon.

He stood for a few seconds, eyes closed, hands clenched at his sides, his cock nearly dancing in frustration.

Then his eyes opened and he looked at me with a mood in his eyes and a set to his jaw that made my skin scream and moisture flood me even as I began to slide away.

I was thisclose to frightened.

I loved it.


Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Entry Seven

I fed them.

We all needed our strength.

The night was still young.

The moon was high.

The wolves weren’t at the door.

They were inside.

With me.

And they ate, huge slices of pizza, washed down with beer.

While oh so casually naked.

Have you ever seen Jon’s naked ass?

It’s better than you think.

Or Richie draped over a couch end, one leg thrown over the arm.

Try taking your eyes of that.

I could barely swallow.

The murmur of their voices stopped.

“Hey Jessie girl…” Richie started and then stopped when my eyebrow raised.

He laughed low in his throat.


“How old are you?”

That started me laughing.

“A little late to be asking that, wouldn’t you say?”

Jon’s eyes widened a bit at that.


I turned to him.

“How old are you?”

I couldn’t help the smirky smile that crossed my face.

“I’m 21 boys.”

Richie rolled his eyes.

“Again with the ‘boys’…”

That got me laughing.

“If the shoe fits…”

Jon stood up, indicating his bare feet.

“No shoes here…”

He turned around as if searching for nonexistent shoes and I gasped.

Out loud.

He glanced at me over his shoulder and saw my eyes on his ass.

He gave it a little shake.

My breath caught.

I raised my eyes to his face.

My voice was breathy and low.


He walked over to me where I sat and stood in front of me.

I think he expected me to take him in my mouth.

But I wanted something else.

I put my hands on his hips and turned him around.


That’s better…

His ass was lightly furred…how could it not be?

Rounded like a plum.

Like a peach.

I bit it.

The flesh was firm and warm in my mouth.

He jerked when he felt my teeth but didn’t pull away.

His legs seemed to spread on their own accord, just enough to balance.

My hands had a mind of their own.

So did my mouth.

I started kissing at the base of his spine, my eyes closed.

Just tasting.

Nibbling my way down to the firm globes.

Licking lightly and then blowing on the wet hairs.

Jon shivered.

Richie got up from the couch, a beer in his hand.

He walked over to my chair and stood beside me.

I looked up reluctantly.

“Stand up, little girl…”

Jon took a step forward and I stood.

Richie settled himself down into my chair.

Then his warm hands were on my waist, pulling me back down onto his lap.

He reached down, moving his dick to nestle on the outside of my warm wetness.

I rocked lightly down and back and heard a small noise from him.

His hands came up to cup my breasts, thumbs teasing nipples.

I heard his voice low in my ear.

“Go back to what you were doing…”

I didn’t need to be told twice.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Entry Six

A flick of a tongue at my nipple brought my attention back to the man still on the bed.

“You okay, little girl?” He looked deep into my eyes as I peeked down into his.

Sliding down myself a little, I leaned into the warm darkness below me.

Kissing that soft, soft mouth seemed the only choice I could make.

He was so gorgeous and – I was learning – so kind.

He really wanted to know if I was okay.

“Oh yeah, pretty okay.” I smiled a crooked grin and he laughed.

He pulled me up onto him easily as he spoke.

“Come here, baby.”

I fit nicely on top of him, his erect cock digging into my stomach.

It was pulsing.

He kissed me hard, flexing himself upward as he did so.

I think I might have whimpered then.

Was it possible to go from one orgasm right back into throbbing need?

I ran my hands over his arms as my chin rested just between two brown male nipples.

A slight head tilt and one was within tongue reach.

I didn’t hesitate.

Flicking my tongue over the hardening point I felt a pulsing just below my breasts.

He liked it.

I turned my attention to the other sensitive tip and felt a small shudder run through him.

I liked that.

Squirming to get just a little more comfortable, I felt the end of that glorious length slide between my breasts.

I cocked an eye at Richie as he raised his hips to thrust more fully into the valley between my breasts as they lay pressed against him.

My skin felt moist with sweat and he used that, used the slickness of the flesh around him to ease his passage, thrusting more fully as his hands drew down to mound my breasts together.

I heard the door open behind me and then felt a hand in my hair, pulling my neck up which allowed Richie to see the tip of his cock thrusting out the top of my breasts.

His eyes closed for just a moment as he lost himself to the sensation.

He was sitting up even before his eyes opened as I felt myself lifted by his strong arms to a straddle over his lap.

A foil packet hit him in the chest and with a practiced motion he tore into it with his teeth.

I would have helped.

I wanted to help.

I needed to help.

But the man behind me refused to release my hair, pulling me backwards as I waited with breath quickening, knowing what was going to happen.

Richie would be inside me in a moment and I knew how that would feel.

The fullness I would experience.

Riding him as he lay beneath me.

Suddenly it was there.

And I was wrong.

What’s it like to have something that big inside you?

Delicious pain.

He must have known.

Because he went oh so slowly and yet it still burned.

Hands under my arms slowly lowered me, while the hand in my hair now strangely provided support.

I sank deeper.

He entered deeper.

And then he began to move, to urge me to ride him.

And I did.

Using my knees I raised myself up and then sank again, feeling my insides stretching to try to fit inside that which was too large, too much.

A whimper escaped my throat and I couldn’t help it.

It was just too much.

Richie’s hands settled around my waist, aiding me as I attempted to take him all in, to accept everything he had to give.

I felt a weight on the bed behind me as Jon knelt there, between Richie’s outstretched legs.

He released my hair and my neck sank forward in relief, even while I missed the control that hand had provided.

Warm fingers slid over my shoulders, moving forward until he cupped the fullness of my breasts in his hands, rolling the nipples in his fingers.

A sharp pull of the tips and my body jerked in answer, a gasp coming from my suddenly dry throat.

Oh sweet hell…

I rose again.

I couldn’t help it.

Even the sudden spurt of wetness that had come unbidden as Jon’s hands crushed my breasts, that motion it’s own sweet pain, couldn’t quite take away the sheer size of the man between my legs.

I felt Jon move closer, the warmth of his chest and stomach against my back as one of his arms encircled me around my rib cage, a hand resting beneath my breasts.

His free hand…

Dear god…

His free hand stole down my stomach to between my legs and his fingers touched my clit with softly firm strokes that threw my head back.

I was held there, nearly suspended, only my knees touching the bed.

Richie’s pulsing length was stopped almost outside me, only the tip nudging my growing wetness.

His hands were on my waist, holding me up, along with Jon’s arm under my breasts.

I lingered there for an eternity.

Suspended between pain and bliss.

And then it happened.

Something clicked into place.

Some switch I didn’t know I possessed - turned on.

Somehow they sensed it and I melted downward.

Fully taking in Richie for the first time.

And it was glorious.




I rose, their hands helping me, my own muscles slack as sensation flowed through me.

Jon’s hand never stopped.

Richie’s cock swelled.

My own moisture flowed.

Up and down.

Hands touching, stroking.


And then it happened.

I exploded from the center of my being.

My skin crawled off my body and then back on again.

I couldn’t breath.

It was almost too much and my body tried to get away, to deny the release.

But I was held onto that rigid throbbing shaft by hands around my waist.

Under my breasts.

Between my legs.

Hands that held me, even as I flew apart.

Even as I screamed.

I moved.

I couldn’t help it.

It felt so damn good.

So right.

Coming down from my own release, I felt the pulsing warmth of the man inside me.

I smiled at him. It was a slow, sated smile and I know he saw it.

And liked it.

I leaned my head back and Jon met my mouth in a wet kiss where our tongues tasted the heat of the other, the spice of arousal.

Richie’s hands on my waist tightened and suddenly I could only ride.

Up and down, in and out.


My own hands reached for his nipples and I pinched him.


And he thrust inside me.



He bucked and I held on.

Jon’s hands now firmly on my breasts.

Richie’s hands on my waist.

And … still … he … thrust …

I felt it start.

That switch again.


On and growing.

And I rode him.

Over and over.

Then those hands…with their long fingers…tightened…

“Fuck meeee….” he moaned.

So I did.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Entry Five

Both men let their heads drop back onto the pillows as they savored the aftermath of their spending.

Handing them the bottle of tequila, I worked my way off the bed and went into the bathroom, quickly cleaned the evidence of their lust off my breasts and belly.

Bringing back two warm, wet washcloths, I bathed both of their cocks, cleaning away any remaining traces of their hot warm spray.

Sitting cross-legged on the bed towards the bottom, facing the two gorgeous naked men lying against the headboard, we passed the slowly dwindling bottle of tequila between the three of us.

Eyeing them closely as I wanted to gauge their truthfulness, I asked.

“So is this the first time you’ve shared a woman?”

The quick eye flick each gave the other already gave me my answer, but I waited to see what they would say.

Jon smiled a lazy grin that somehow sent a frisson of electricity straight down to my core.

“Define share.” His voice was raspy and sent shivers with every syllable.

Seeing Richie again glance at Jon, the picture I had been painting inside my head became a little clearer.

Now I answered him, them.

“Nah, no sharing yet, but you’ve watched each other with a woman. Otherwise you wouldn’t be so comfortable sharing now.”

I made my statement with a determined nod of my head, sure of my assessment.

Richie drawled in his deep voice, the rumble of it starting my breasts tingling as a girl could come just by listening to the voices of these two men.

“We’re older than you darlin’, and we’ve been doing this a while now, so how are you so sure we haven’t shared?”

His eyes seemed a little puzzled, but much more turned on than not.

“Oh, you’ve “shared” I guess, two women – one with each of you – same room, that type of sharing, but you’ve never both been with just one woman.”

I gave them a stern, yet lingering look that started at their eyes and ended at the slowly stirring dicks.

“So, fess up.” I ordered.

Those quick eye flicks again, one man to the other.

These two were close – there was some sort of bond here – what remained to be seen was how far they would open themselves to me.

The lead singer – was he also the leader? – spoke then.

“We’ve had two girls together before…” his voice sent shivers along my spine as those blue eyes met mine.

“But like I said, right? Same room, side by side? Or two girls you passed back and forth?”

I shot each a “don’t even think about lyin’ to me look” as Richie started chuckling.

“Yeah, both, but one girl, both of us – well, darlin’ you just might be the first.”

He and Jon again shared a look, but I took offense at the “might” in that sentence and giving my most theatrical sigh, I looked at their faces, then their cocks, then their faces again.

“Well, darlin’, that remains to be seen as right now the two of you are boring the shit outta me.”

I grabbed the empty tequila bottle and left the room, swaying my ass as I walked.

Giving them a few minutes to decide whether they were gonna be pissed or challenged, I moved to grab another bottle and made my way back to the bedroom.

Slowly and silently I moved down the hallway to where I could see into the room.

I had hoped that both men would do what men do naturally when naked – lay their hands on their cocks.

They had.

Both were talking softly to the other, their hands playing with their own naked glory in an almost absent-minded way.

That one picture proved more than a thousand words that while these two might share a woman, they were not into sharing men, as their eyes never left each other’s face.

No quick dick glances.

Ooh goody!

More for me!

Slinging the unopened bottle of tequila by the neck, I stopped in the doorway and glanced at the two beauties in my bed.

Laugh all you want at my calling these men beautiful, but I know.

“So, what’s it gonna be boys?” I asked in a low silky tone that promised sex and more sex and still more sex.

At hearing my voice, both men jerked and almost guiltily started to remove their hands from their shafts.

“Don’t stop on my account…” I laughed as I entered the room.

Glancing at the dark one, whose glorious cock rose straighter and fuller as I set the bottle down and turned to them, I grinned at him.

“Does that thing come with it’s own zip code?” My voice was a drawl as my eyes took in his full length.

Startled laughter rang out from both throats, the furry one throwing his head back and laughing so genuinely that I felt myself smile along with him.

Holy shit!

What a face.

What a body.

Fucking gorgeous!

Richie gave a sensuous stroke the full length of his shaft and looked right into my eyes.

“Come here, little girl.”

I unconsciously licked my lips as the picture he presented on my bed, but I must have hesitated too long as the other one sprang up and captured my hand, forcing it behind my back.

He caught my other wrist as I reached to free the first and with both firmly in one of his strong hands, he arched my back, thrusting my chest out.

“Richie, look what I have here.” He made me arch further and a small cry of pleasure and pain escaped my lips.

“What’s that, bro’?” Richie watched as my breasts were thrust up and my back arched.

“I have a bored little girl who needs to learn some lessons about playing with the big boys.”

Jon moved his hand suddenly between my legs and thrust two fingers home so quickly I gasped at his movements.

His hand tightened on my arms as he thrust his fingers inside me again and again until my hips started rocking with the sensation and my knees felt weak.

All the while Richie continued to stroke himself and while it didn’t seem possible, he could now barely fit his own hand around the width.

I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

Moving me to the bed, I was suddenly bent over it and I felt my hands and arms taken in front of me.

I couldn’t raise up as the hands holding me from the front kept my face on the bed, while the hands behind me lifted me until I knew my every secret was exposed.

I heard a rip of foil.

That sound, a brush of furred stomach, and then a throbbing warmth were my only warning as I felt the plunge of Jon’s cock inside me.

My scream of pleasure was muffled against the bed as Richie continued to hold my hands out.

Fingers gripped my hips, bruising me, pulling me back against the stiffness that continued to shove deeper and deeper inside me.

I couldn’t stop the moans.

My hands reached, trying to grip anything I could as lights floated behind my eyes.

My ears were ringing and my toes were tingling and my goddam cunt was on fire.

Pushing back as hard as I could to increase my pleasure seemed to urge Jon on.

Hands tightened their grip on my hips and waist while other hands spread mine across the bed.

I managed to raise my head enough to see Richie watching as Jon pumped into me.

I felt him take my two hands into his large one, while his other grabbed my hair to raise my head. He looked deep into my eyes as my body strained to accommodate the position and the man behind me.

His voice was whispered sin.

“I wanna see your face…when you come…when you scream…”

Richie’s dark voice trailed off then into hoarseness as he glanced between my face and the man plunging into my throbbing wetness.

Gasping, still trying to exert control, I managed.

“Ain’t … screamin’ yet, baby, … gotta make it … worth my while…”

This was harder to say than you would think.

I was filled by the man behind me and staring into honeyed chocolate eyes.

I was pushing my limits.

Pushing theirs.

Without warning a hard stinging slap hit my ass, jerking me more upright and slamming me back against the cock inside me.

I tried to stop the gasp and sudden spurt of wetness that accompanied that slap, but I failed miserably as both men suddenly laughed.

Jon’s voice growled behind me.

“Ooh, liked that, did you?”

He laughed low and husky and then slapped me again.

I arched and he thrust again and again.

Moans were all I could manage now as those dark, dark eyes stared into mine, glancing only briefly over my back where the other was.

My head was jerked up gently to meet those eyes again and I felt myself slide over. Hands gripped me as the orgasm rode through me, but I refused to scream even as I felt sensations I had only dreamed about.

A crooked grin split Richie’s face as he saw my spasms and my refusal to give in to the results of my naked lust.

Jon continued thrusting into me as I came, his strokes a little slower but no less sure.

My body shuddered as pleasure so strong I could almost taste it flowed through me.

I felt a tightening of fingers on my waist and the stroke became longer and even deeper as Jon neared his peak.

Through gritted teeth and harshening breath, I heard him.

“Jesus…fuck…gonna come…”

“Then go, baby…let it go…” I urged him, proving my words true by tightening myself inside around him so hard that a moan filled the air.

“God dammit…god damn…”

His voice lowered even further as he picked up the pace of his strokes, his fingers digging into me now as he pulled me back to slam harder onto his thick length.

I peeked up into Richie’s face as his eyes flicked to my breasts. He grinned then and slid down until he could take one of my breasts into his mouth.

I supported my weight on my arms as he flicked the tip of one with a practiced tongue.

I quivered from head to toe.

A groan sounded in the room as a moment later the golden god at my back gave one vicious stroke and then went over the edge.

He moved back and forth inside me as he came for what seemed minutes, but it may have only seemed that way because it was so glorious.

Jon curved himself over my back after the spasms began to subside a little and breathed into my ear.

“Jessica…that was so god...damn...good…” His voice was a whisper of pure satisfaction.

“Oh yeah, Jon…really, really good…” I answered him, my own orgasm having been just as sweet.

A kiss to my cheek and then his warmth was slowly lifted off me.

“I’ll be back…” he called out as he went to clean himself.

A sigh escaped me.

I already missed him.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Entry Four

My bedroom glowed softly from the candles, which flickered violently when he dropped me onto the bed.

Oh yeah…

Those large hands reached for me and with a shriek of cloth my shirt was ripped off, buttons flying.

Exposed, naked as promised, I lay there letting him look his fill.

At that age I had perfect breasts, large D’s that made my waist and hips look small in comparison.

I’m only 5’2” and barely over a hundred pounds and right then I felt small.

And deliciously female.

A six foot tall sensuously sinful-looking man loomed over me.

That ache inside was turning into need.

I wanted this man.

Jon walked into the room and stopped.

He stared at me lying on the bed, the shreds of the shirt at my sides.

He handed Richie the bottle and me a glass and we all drank.

I stared at the two, watching their throats work as the golden liquids burned its way down.

“Why am I the only one naked?”

My voice was curious, wanting to see what they would do.

With barely a glance at the other, shirts were taken off and two chests were exposed.

Oh my.

The taller one had a smooth, nearly hairless expanse of flesh that seemed strangely tanned, as if it was more his natural skin tone than the kiss of the sun.

Hair as dark as midnight trailed over his shoulders and down the broad expanse of his back.

He was glorious.

The other one, sweet jesus, seemed to have been the result of the mating between a lion and a gazelle.

The hair on his chest was so thick it nearly hid the skin underneath and the trail leading down into his pants seemed to be a living map pointing the way to treasures untold.

I itched to touch it.

Richie unzipped and Jon untied and suddenly there were two pairs of pants flying off to different corners of the room.

My amusement and the beginnings of laughter seemed to freeze in my throat as I got my first look at the two in all their glory.

Richie’s coloring extended everywhere and…

… his cock …

holy shit!

… did I make a mistake?

His cock was huge and pulsing. I sucked in a breath in anticipation and then forced my eyes to look at the other man.

Jon was golden brown, so covered with fur it seemed there was no empty skin.

His shaft stood full and thick.

Rising out of dark brown hair.

The trail on his stomach had not lied.

This was a treasure.

Very nice…

Not as long, but … ohh … thick … thick is good

They looked at me as I gazed at one, then the other.

Both men downed their drinks and I took a large swallow of mine.

Jon seemed to be a planner and had brought the bottle in with him. Pouring both of them another drink, they took a large sip and set their glasses down.

Purpose filled their eyes as one licked his lushly thick lips and the other spread out and then drew in the fingers of his right hand.

They moved to join me on the bed.

Jon straddled me from behind, his legs extending past mine as he nestled me against him.

I could feel his shaft pressing into my back and his lips on my neck as he tasted me there.

Richie looked at the two of us and then crouched in front of me, sitting back on his heels. This brought his cock to the straining forefront and the ache I had felt before had turned into need.

He reached out with roughened hands to touch my breasts, while Jon continued to stroke my neck and the sides of my arms.

Those long fingers grasped the fullness that awaited them as he pulled first one and then the other to his mouth.

Jon’s hands tightened on my arms a bit and I had the thought that these two did like to play.

Unable to move, I could only turn my head towards his.

As he leaned in to kiss me, I bit his bottom lip and kept it between my teeth.

He tried to pull away, but I tightened my mouth on his and within a second he was kissing me back so hard I could barely breathe.

Richie continued playing with my breasts, mounding them and sucking the tips until they had hardened into peaks.

Jon’s long hair trickled over my breasts as he leaned in once again to kiss me from behind and Richie just moved it out of the way to bring his mouth to my nipple.

Jon’s hand began to play with my one breast as Richie sucked harder on the tip of the one in his mouth.

I rubbed one leg along Jon’s calf and with the other reached out and toed the sac under Richie’s cock. Gently rubbing my foot there, I felt him shift to press his hardness into my foot.

A silent signal seemed to pass from Richie’s eyes to Jon’s as Jon suddenly tightened his grip on my arms and moved my hands behind my back, arching my breasts up and out.

I struggled a bit against him, testing his strength and his resolve, but he just squeezed his hands tighter around mine and made me arch higher.

Supporting my back against his chest, Jon slid down on the bed a bit further which allowed Richie to lift my legs and without warning bring his mouth straight down on my clit.

No pretense, no finesse, no teasing.

Just straight to the sweet spot.

The warmth of his mouth and tongue made me arch even more wildly and I realized I was held nearly off the bed between the two men, my body thrust towards Richie’s mouth as Jon raised me from behind for his friend.

The dark-haired man’s tongue burned like liquid molten metal as it seared it’s way.

My arms were suddenly released as Jon wanted my breasts for his own.

I moved quickly, surprising them, pushing away from Richie and slid from the bed.

“Not yet, boys.” I taunted them. Both laughed then.

“Baby girl, we aren’t boys.” Richie smiled wickedly at me.

“Prove it.” I shot back. “Both of you, lie on the bed, on your backs.”

They did so and I slowly crawled onto the bed at the bottom, grabbing the bottle of tequila on my way, pausing at their legs.

I took a swallow from the bottle and passed it to them, both taking long throat-bulging swallows that moved their Adam’s apples through thick-corded necks.

Taking the bottle back, I took another small drink, holding the liquor in my mouth.

Glancing at the huge cock to my left and the thick one to my right held me in indecision for a moment.

Then I chose.

The huge one got my mouth first as I let the tequila trickle down until he was wet to his balls.

With slow strokes I started lapping up the fiery liquid, trailing my tongue over and over like a lolly-pop, starting at the base and working my way to the tip.

I shot glances over at the beautiful one to my right.

His shaft bobbed and I saw he was intently watching me work the other man in and out of my mouth.

I stopped what I was doing for a brief moment and looked him straight into those ice blue eyes.

“Play with yourself. Show me what you do when you’re alone, when you want to come, but don’t come, just get harder.”

His eyes darkened at my words and his hand reached down to his shaft, grasping it in a firm and practiced grip.

Dear god…

My mouth watered.

I love watching a man play with himself.

Let me say that again.

I … love … watching … a … man … play … with … himself.

You just know they’ve done this a hundred times.

A thousand.

And this time they’re doing it for you.

There’s something so erotic about watching a man do this, like some secret we aren’t supposed to see.

And when a man who looked like this one took his dick in his hand and started stroking, I felt my cunt throb painfully in anticipation.

Don’t lie to yourself.

It would have happened to you too.

The huge bed with those silky black satin sheets.

The glow of candles everywhere, soft scents of vanilla rising into the air to mix with the musk of warm naked bodies.

On the left of me, his shaft still wet from the tequila and the lapping of my tongue, Richie lay as if this bed, this room, had been designed with him in mind. His hair blended with the darkness of the pillows, the line of his throat tilted as he watched me, the sheets framing the smoothness of his skin, one legged raised at the knee.

And in the center of that beauty…rising from a dark nest of hair…was that cock.

It was perfect.

It was mine.

At least for tonight.

My eyes were drawn to the movement to my right.

Sweet lord.

You’ve seen him.

You know what he looks like.

You’ve just never seen him like this.

The mane of his hair was spread out on the pillow, waves of it flowing outward around that face.

Blue eyes, a perfect nose, a strong jaw and white on white teeth covered by lips so sensuous, so thickly lush my own ached to taste them over and over.

Lying there, with one hand grasping himself, a ring flashing in the candlelight, he seemed to be a strange hybrid of the caged energy of an animal with the beauty found in the rarest of humans.

I could see the play of the muscles in his stomach as his own touch aroused him further, his eyes watching me as I took a long look at him, working my way down.

Muscular thighs and calves took me to feet that pushed gently into the bed, raising one of the knees in a mirror to the man so elegantly sensual on the other side.

My skin seemed to be tingling in a way it never had before as I glanced from one to the other and my breath grew more rapid as I felt myself slick in anticipation.

Richie seemed to sense my lust rising as he too took his cock in his hand and stroked it.




I sat back on my heels and watched these two gorgeous men play with themselves, their stomach muscles quivering more with each stroke.

Hips began thrusting a little more urgently and each man, while aware of the other, watched my face and breasts, throats beginning to extend in preparation of release.

I knew the night and my own pleasure would last longer if they would come first and with this in mind I began directing their actions.

I lay down between them, my breasts at the level of their purpling cocks.

“Both of you, turn towards me, on your sides.”

They did so and I moved so that when they did come, their seed would land on my breasts.

When I moved into that position, both seemed to instinctively realize why I was there and the hands on those stiff, turgid shafts began stroking faster and faster.

I reached out to both and grabbing a nipple on each, gave a sharp strong twist and pull that made both gasp and breathe faster.

I pulled again on their nipples, a little more pain in the twist this time and both sped their strokes.

My smile was sure now as I raked nails across the abs of their stomachs, raising red welts as I did so.

I thrust out my breasts, making sure they bobbed as much as possible and again reached for their nipples.

Hard twists now, faster strokes, heated gasps, and then it happened.

Jon’s eyes slitted as he came, but never left my breasts as his hand continued stroking that gorgeous shaft and then he groaned, pumping his dick harder as I twisted his nipple to draw every drop he could give me.

Hot semen shot out and hit the upper part of my breast where is began to run down over my own nipple.

That’s what seemed to do it for Richie.

As Jon continued to spray my breast with his fluid, Richie cursed low and deep and again hot seed coated my other breast.

Their heads dropped backwards onto the pillows as their shafts gave a few last twitches.

They lay gasping on the bed.

“Gooooood boys,” I purred at them, taunting them just a bit.

I smiled a half smile as both raised eyes to me, eyes that widened as I rubbed their offerings into my skin.

Half-mast cocks twitched and again I knew that these boys, these men, liked certain things.

Certain forbidden things.

Just how far they would go remained to be seen.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Entry Three

I was home in less than ten minutes, barely remembering the drive as my mind was filled with images.

Seeing those two men.

Remembering the smells of their sweat as they came into the small room.

My own arousal had me reaching for one of my toys.

But then I stopped…prolonging the sweet sensation.

Knowing better toys were on the way.

A quick shower to rinse off the concert stink, some perfume, nothing too strong.

I lit candles throughout the house.

Checked the bottles at the bar.

Plenty of tequila and Jack.

My favorites.

The button-down silk shirt I had thrown on after my shower clung softly to my skin, caressing me as I moved around, setting the scene.

Pouring myself a glass of the liquid gold tequila, I closed my eyes.


Early on I had found out I was a highly sexual woman.

I like men.

The hair under their arms.

Their asses in tight jeans.

Their smell.

Their lust.

Their sweat.

Their cocks.

You name it, I like it.

During high school, I was the girl who never slept with anybody.

Or so they thought.

I just didn’t like boys.

I like men.

No bland, boring, five minute fuck for me.

I learned I liked to walk the edge of the abyss.

If I was right about these two, I was about to plunge over.

And I wanted…


To see what was on the other side.

I knew Richie would be there, the only question was whether he would bring Jon with him.


I had watched him closely as he played, lost in the music, thrusting himself into the guitar he held.

Pure sin walking.

And Jon.

He oozed sex like the beads of sweat on his skin.

My body tingled again.


Almost to the hour after I had left the backstage area, my doorbell rang.

I finished my drink and walked slowly to the door.

Two shadows waited.

Opening the door and cocking a leg, I leaned against the frame.

They stood on my doorstep, one light, one dark.

My body now recognized what my eyes saw.

They were here.




“Hello boys.”

I pointed out the bar, telling them to help themselves.

Both men moved almost with identical motions and fixed themselves a drink.

Watching them, I could feel the heat that had been present in that back stage room return.

Deciding from the beginning I would take control, I made myself another drink, making sure to bend so they could see the shirt ride up to the very bottom of my naked ass.

Glancing at them sideways, I could see they both stopped with their drinks halfway to their mouths, watching me.

Alcohol and a true sexual wildness possessed me then as I turned to face them. Looking at one pair of deep brown and one pair of intense blue eyes, I spoke.

“I have two rules.”

I met their eyes, which had widened at these words.

“The first is that if something really hurts me, you stop, immediately.”

Both quickly nodded their heads in agreement.


“The second is you both have to fuck me.”

Eyes widened at me.

I waited.

They glanced at each other then, words seeming to fly unspoken between them, and then they turned to me.

“You mean you want us both at the same time?” Richie asked.

“Same time, different times, doesn’t matter, you just both have to fuck me.”

A smile broke across Jon’s face then and for the first time I realized how beautiful a man he was.

I had never seen a “pretty” man before.

Not one this masculine.

Something low inside me tightened at that smile.

And I knew by that smile that he at least would not object to my conditions.

“You’re sure a little thing like you can take the both of us on?” Jon asked, his smiling widening.

“Your friend said the same thing, Jon. The question is, can you both satisfy me?”

I threw that challenge out, somehow knowing that with these two neither could resist.

There was silence.

It was broken by the sound of Richie’s glass hitting the bar.

He stalked over towards me.

There was no other word for how he approached.

Those long legs ate up the floor and he never paused.

Not when he told Jon to bring the bottle.

Not even when he threw me over his shoulder.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Entry Two

It started one evening after a concert tour with their unbelievable third album, the one that made them superstars, Slippery When Wet.

I was only 21 then, but I was in the audience during one of their performances when I seemed to catch Richie’s eye.

He was tall and lean and I was mesmerized by the way he played the guitar. The faces he made when playing resembled faces during unbridled passion and I found myself drawn to the man who made such music.

I noticed the lead singer, of course.

I would’ve had to be blind and deaf not to, but it was the dark haired man, the one with the long fingers and soulful sway as he moved, who first caught my eye.

Towards the end of the show a man in a security uniform came up to me and whispered in my ear.

“Richie wants you to come back stage after the show.”

He slipped me a pass that I carefully put into my front pocket.

It seemed to burn with a heat that traveled straight to my pussy as I waited for the concert to end.

Fate was on my side as I had come to the show by myself that night.

The venue cleared out and I managed to make myself one of the last without drawing undue attention.

This would become my pattern.

Disappearing from the end of the people leaving the concert, I moved toward where the security guard had seemed to indicate earlier.

The same man was there. He nodded at me and motioned for me to enter the back stage area.

There were several people around, but instead of doing the tourist bit, I acted like I had been there a hundred times before and because of this was almost not noticed.

I’ve always been a quick learner.

Allowing the security guard to get enough ahead of me so that he appeared to be walking alone, he finally pointed at a door and nodding at me he walked off.

I opened the door and walked into a room that was clearly a dressing room.

Moving to a bar set up, I poured myself a strong drink and began slowly walking around, treating myself to touch and scents, trying to determine which was his.

The time seemed to go slowly and finishing that drink, I helped myself to another.

A warm glow started inside, but I wasn’t sure if it was the drinks or the man I was waiting for.

I heard laughter from the hallway outside and then the door opened.

The dark haired man, Richie, came in then.

He was still sweaty and tousled from being on stage and the musk of clean sweat seemed as intoxicating as my drink.

“Hey little girl, glad you came back.”

His voice was deep and there seemed to be a bit of a drawl there that didn’t match his origins in New Jersey.

“If you think I’m a little girl, why did you invite me back here?” I asked, while admitting to myself that at 5’2” next to this 6 foot man I just might appear little.

“I saw you watching and I was watching you.”

He fixed himself a drink then and moved to the couch.

I stayed where I was, seeing him half sprawl on the soft leather.

“Mind if I have another?” I asked as I moved to the bar, not waiting for his answer.

“I’d say help yourself, but you already seem to be doing that.” He grinned at me, a lazy, slow, sexy grin that I had seen when he was performing.

“Oh yeah, that’s my biggest flaw, I always take what I want and never accept no for an answer.” My grin matched his as I watched the rise of his eyebrows and the grin widen into an amused smile.

A knock on the door interrupted whatever he was about to say as the long-haired lead singer came into the room.

“Hey Rich…” He started, but stopped when he saw me. “Oh, sorry, man, didn’t know you were busy.”

“He’s not busy…Jon, isn’t it?” I answered back.

Cocking his head at me, he replied. “Yeah, it’s Jon. And you are?” He let his voice trail off as he asked.

“Jessica…and no, it’s not Jessie or Jess, it’s Jessica.”

Raising an eyebrow at me, Jon then threw a look in Richie’s direction. He started laughing then.

“You might have bitten off more than you can chew this time, bro’.” Richie also started chuckling, but then almost choked on his drink as I answered Jon’s statement.

“He hasn’t bitten anything…yet.”

My voice purred as the sheer testosterone coming from both these men caused heat to spread like fire through my body.

I looked at them both then, one light and one dark, and the fire turned into an inferno.

“Besides, if anybody’s gonna bite something, it’s gonna be me.”

They stared at me then and I could actually see two minds working and two pants tightening.

I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen from my bag, writing down my address and phone number.

Neither man said a word as they watched me.

“I’ll be at this address, naked, in one hour.” I handed it to Richie, looked at him and then Jon.

“Come alone…or bring a friend…your choice.”

Finishing my drink with one large swallow, I glanced at the erect shafts of the two men, neither hidden by their tight pants.

“Bye boys.”

I left the room then, knowing I would soon have company.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Entry One

For a long time I have lived two lives.

In one I’m an independent financial consultant.

I have an assistant who works from her home and I rent an office in a building not far from my mine for when I need to see clients.

Those who employ me are an international bunch of individuals and I have traveled over the years to almost every big city in every country on this planet.

I’ve never been married and I have no children. Sometimes I can feel the questions about my life from others as heavy in the air as a swarm of bees.

Why isn’t she married?

Why didn’t she ever have children?

Who is she involved with?

Is she gay?

The last makes me laugh.

Irony is oh so sweet.

I live in an expensive condo that I own outright in New York City in a section of Manhattan where I constantly run into celebrity after celebrity, media moguls, financiers…the “high society” of society.

My friends know me as a deeply private woman who is generous with her time and money.

You probably already hate me.

Get used to it.


Over the years my life has been full and filled with laughter, tears and love…oh yes, I have been loved and I have loved.

The only difference between me and any other woman is who I love and who loves me.

It didn’t start out that way.

This journal is the only time I will ever tell my story and I will take this secret to my grave.

Not another soul on this planet knows. I’ve been very careful, very discrete.

It’s been worth it.


So…what’s the story, right?

And what secret do I have?

That’s just it.

I’m the secret.

Their secret.

And they are mine.

Isn’t share a lovely word?


To share.


I’ll be busy soon.

Busy in the best ways possible.


Here’s what happened…


I’ve been their secret for years now, ever since they hit the big time with Slippery.


You’re surprised?

Sure, you’ve heard of them.

Heard rumors.

But no facts.

No proof.

I told you I’ve been careful.

And I told you to get used to hating me.


We’re all in our 40’s now, but I’ve managed through exercise both in the gym and in the bedroom, to make sure I look as close as I can to the way they first met me.

Sure, the signs are there, I’m not a young girl anymore, but neither are they the young studs I first met in Vancouver.

It was to be a one-night stand at first.

I admit it when I’m honest with myself.

But after all these years, it’s become more, so much more.


They are the most heterosexual men I have ever met.

Actually they adore women.

All shapes.

All sizes…well, almost.

They love our hair.

Our eyes.

Our mouths.

Our breasts.

Our asses.

Our legs.

Our most secret places.

But they share something with me I know is all mine.

They share me.